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Jim Parsons & his boyfriend, Todd Spiewak, before Emmys.


Last night Breaking Bad won its second consecutive prize for outstanding drama series.  Its star, Bryan Cranston, won his fifth Emmy. Fresh Air spoke to Cranston while he was on Broadway playing President Johnson in All the Way. In the interview, he tells Terry about his short-lived stand-up career: 

"I did it for about nine months in 1981, I believe it was. I did it solely for the purpose of overcoming fear, because I looked at that and I said to myself, "Oh, my God, that’s got to be the scariest thing to do." There’s a microphone and a light on you, and that’s it. It’s all you, and so I wanted to do that. I got into the idea of going from club to club. I was never paid for it, nor should I have been, because I never rose above the level of mediocrity. But it was a great, great experience, very humbling. My respect and admiration for those who do it for a living, like Jerry [Seinfeld], was just enormous."

Photo: Andreas Laszlo Konwrath via Variety 


Oh boy I’m so excited *cries for another 12 months*


Taylor Schilling attends the TV junket for Orange Is The New Black in Los Angeles, USA.


Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston tops our list of Emmys acceptance speeches. 

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Wow! The Game of Thrones cast cleans up well.